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NBCE Part II chiropractic board exam

NBCE Part II Exam Breakdown: What You Need To Know

Part II is a computer-based test, currently delivered on chiropractic college campuses. Part II tests six clinical science sections or “domains” (see below) and each domain consists of 50 standard multiple-choice questions.

  1. General Diagnosis
  2. Neuromusculoskeletal Diagnosis
  3. Diagnostic Imaging
  4. Principles Of Chiropractic
  5. Chiropractic Practice
  6. Associated Clinical Sciences


The NBCE Part II exam is divided into three sessions; each session consists of two domains. Each domain is allotted 42 minutes with an optional 15-minute break after each session. Testing appointments are 5 hours.


Here are the exam fees for Part II for 2024:

Part II - $710

Individual Domains - $335

For the 2024 NBCE Exam Schedule and Fees, check out this blog post.

The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners proposed big changes starting in 2024 for their chiropractic board exams. Check our blog post to read more about those changes.

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