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Get Your Chiropractic Board Exams Paid For in 2024!

Did you know that there are two scholarships for chiropractic students who are taking the NBCE (National Board of Chiropractic Examiners) Board Exams?

To see if you’re eligible, keep reading!

NBCE Scholarship Essay Competition

Amount per winner: $2,500 is awarded per each winner

How many chiropractic students can win?: Four (4) chiropractic students in 2024

Total amount in prizes: $10,000 in 2024

Submissions accepted: February 1, 2024 - October 1, 2024 (no later than 12 noon Pacific time)

How to submit your essay:

Date when winners are announced: December 31, 2024


  • Submit an original essay on any topic of your choice, as long as the topic is relevant to chiropractic. Themes may include: history, philosophy, practice perspectives, jurisprudence/law, ethics, theory, sociology, politics, or social sciences.
  • Your original essay must be submitted as a Word document.
  • Essay must be no shorter than 1200 and no longer than 3500 words. Word count does not include title or references.
  • The essay should include the following components:
    • Introduction - the introduction should provide a brief overview of the topic, a well-referenced and grounded rationale for the paper, and the purpose (or hypothesis) for the paper.
    • Discussion – the discussion should address the topic in a scholarly manner. Important points should be elaborated upon, and relate to the study's purpose. The discussion should cogently relate the current discussion and findings with other relevant publications.
    • Conclusion – The conclusion should provide insightful statements about the importance and relevance of the study without generalizing beyond the study's findings. The conclusion should not interject author opinions, make unsupported claims, or give statements that go beyond the limits of the study findings. This section should be brief, perhaps 1 paragraph, and provide clear answers and summarize how the purpose/hypothesis presented in the introduction was addressed.
    • References – References are expected and should be included throughout the paper. All statements made as fact should have supporting references. All references should be numbered according to their appearance in the text.
  • Only one essay is allowed per student per competition and only one author per essay. Students who submitted in the past but did not win may compete again with a new essay.
  • In addition to your essay you must confirm eligibility and identity:
    • You must sent a letter from your registrar confirming enrollment and that you are in good academic standing in your chiropractic program.
    • A portrait photo of yourself (JPEG, PNG, 300 dpi)

Judging criteria: includes relevance to the chiropractic profession, scholarly style, writing quality, originality and use of references.

Eligibility: Being in good academic standing and enrolled in a United States, CCE-accredited, chiropractic program at any time during 2024. You must also submit your essay by October 1, 2024.

All questions about the competition should be directed to Dr. Claire Johnson at [email protected].

To read more about this NBCE Essay Scholarship, read this.

NCMIC Bucks of Boards Awards

Amount per winner: $1,000 awarded per each winner

How many chiropractic students can win?: Twenty-five (25) chiropractic students every quarter in 2024

Total amount in prizes: $100,000 for the year of 2024

Entry Periods & Drawings”

January 1 - March 31 (Winner will be drawn: April 8, 2024)

April 1 - June 3 (Winner will be drawn: July 8, 2024)

July 1 - September 30 (Winner will be drawn: October 7, 2024)

October 1 - December 31 (Winner will be drawn: January 7, 2025)

Rules: Complete the application (simply put your first name, last name, email, date of birth, address, chiropractic school, anticipated graduation month and anticipated graduation year).


  • Current chiropractic student or have graduated within the last 6 months

To read more about this NCMIC Award, read this.

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