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6 Unique Features of Our Chiropractic Board Review Course

Are you a chiropractic student preparing for your board exams? The process of studying and reviewing years’ worth of chiropractic material can be daunting - from spinal anatomy, to cardiopathophysiology to x-ray analysis. So choosing the right board review course can make all the difference. At Chiro AlignEd Learning, we pride ourselves on having the most up to date, affordable and easy to follow review courses that help DC’s to be pass their NBCE board exams on their first try.


  • Unlimited access for 90 days - you get a FULL 90 days, no limiting you to only 20 hours of access or any funny business like that because you don’t need any extra stress
  • Learn from anywhere at your own pace - for all those on preceptorship, there’s no need to travel back to campus for a weekend and sit in a classroom for 16 hours being fire-hosed. Study from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection through our website or app!
  • Colorful and engaging packet - no more eyes glazing over staring at a black and white packet with 6pt font and no margins. Our packets are designed intentionally with colors, images mnemonics and organized charts to help you remember the most important concepts.
  • Full length practice exam and built in progress quizzes - no more taking an entire review course and then trying to scour the internet for practice questions on quizlet or paying for another app just for questions. Our review has it all and is the only review with an exam at the end that mirrors the real exam from number of questions to time limits to format. Studies show practice exams are one of the most effective ways to prepare for a standardized exam. Why aren’t any other reviews providing them??
  • Value-packed - we remember what is was like being students in school with a limited budget. Our review course is the most value-packed review available! We offer important features no other review courses do for a fraction of the price.
  • Current and updated - why are you being charged for reviews with outdated information?? The biggest complaint we hear from students are that other reviews are outdated and haven’t stayed current with the changes NBCE has made. We aren’t interested in preparing you to pass an exam that was offered years ago, we want to prepare you to CRUSH the board exam you are set to take now!

Want a little sample of what our review packets look like!



As if those 6 features weren’t enough, here are a few more reasons why Chiro AlignEd Learning is the no-brainer choice for prepping for your chiropractic board exams.

  • All of our courses come with a study planning tool that allows you to create a personalized schedule so you stay on track all the way up until your test date.
  • You can search our app for any topic we cover in your course, saving you the time and frustration of trying to find “that one thing about glycolysis.”
  • We keep you updated about all the changes the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners are making to your board exams on our blog.
  • If you follow us on instagram you will get “Board Bits” where Dr. Nicole reviews tips and tricks to remember commonly tested subjects.

If you’re looking for the the most up-to-date, modern, easy to use and affordable chiropractic board review - look no further. Check out all of Chiro Aligned Learning’s products, follow us on Instagram for what to expect during your exams or reach out to us with questions via email at [email protected]!

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